Experimental WebSDR receiver in Nowy Sacz - Malopolska (POLAND) QTH Locator: KN09IO It is operated by Piotr. Contact by e-mail websdrns@gmail.com or Telegram.  More information about the WebSDR project can be found on www.websdr.org . This site GUI includes some features by PA3FWM from University of Twente, G8HXT from TOPBAND and various other WebSDR sites.

Station Equipment

All antennas are installed about 10-11m above the ground between the buildings.


This WebSDR is located a short distance from my transmitting antennas that can makes interferences in signal reception when I work on bands.
This is a non-commercial project and is not associated with any club or organisation.
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All satellities data are from website PhilCrump.co.uk
DELFI-C3 Beacon: 145.930 MHz / Downlink: 145.870 MHz
(DO-64) Loading...

XW-2D Beacon: 145.855 MHz / Downlink: 145.870 MHz

FOX-1B Beacon: 145.960 MHz / Downlink: 145.960 MHz
(AO-91) Loading...

FOX-1B Beacon: 145.920 MHz / Downlink: 145.920 MHz
(AO-95) Loading...

FOX-1D Beacon: 145.880 MHz / Downlink: 145.880 MHz
(AO-92) Loading...

FUNCUBE-1 Beacon: 145.935 MHz / Downlink: 145.960 MHz
(AO-73) Loading...

FUNCUBE-3 Beacon: 145.815 MHz / Downlink: 145.970 MHz
(EO-79) Loading...

OSCAR Beacon: 145.970 MHz / Downlink: 145.950 MHz
(AO-7) Loading...

SAUDISAT Uplink: 145.850 MHz / Downlink: 436.795 MHz
(SO-50) Loading...

ISS Voice/SSTV: 145.800 MHz / Packet: 145.825 MHz
(ZARYA) Loading...

International Space Station Schedule from website amsat-on.be
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