Experimental WebSDR receiver in Nowy Sacz - Malopolska (POLAND) QTH Locator: KN09IO It is operated by Piotr. Contact by e-mail websdrns@gmail.com or Telegram.  More information about the WebSDR project can be found on www.websdr.org . This site GUI includes some features by PA3FWM from University of Twente, G8HXT from TOPBAND, Northern Utah WebSDR and various other WebSDR sites.

Station Equipment

All antennas are installed about 10-11m above the ground between the buildings.


This WebSDR is located a short distance from my transmitting antennas that can makes interferences in signal reception when I work on bands.
This is a non-commercial project and is not associated with any club or organisation.
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All satellities data are from website PhilCrump.co.uk
DELFI-C3 Beacon: 145.930 MHz / Downlink: 145.870 MHz
(DO-64) Loading...

FOX-1B Beacon: 145.960 MHz / Downlink: 145.960 MHz
(AO-91) Loading...

FOX-1B Beacon: 145.920 MHz / Downlink: 145.920 MHz
(AO-95) Loading...

FOX-1D Beacon: 145.880 MHz / Downlink: 145.880 MHz
(AO-92) Loading...

FUNCUBE-1 Beacon: 145.935 MHz / Downlink: 145.960 MHz
(AO-73) Loading...

FUNCUBE-3 Beacon: 145.815 MHz / Downlink: 145.970 MHz
(EO-79) Loading...

OSCAR Beacon: 145.970 MHz / Downlink: 145.950 MHz
(AO-7) Loading...

SAUDISAT Uplink: 145.850 MHz / Downlink: 436.795 MHz
(SO-50) Loading...

JY1SAT Downlink: 145.840 MHz
(JO-97) Loading...

XW-2A Uplink: 435.040 MHz / Downlink: 145.675 MHz

XW-2B Uplink: 435.100 MHz / Downlink: 145.740 MHz

XW-2C Uplink: 435.160 MHz / Downlink: 145.805 MHz

XW-2D Beacon: 145.855 MHz / Downlink: 145.870 MHz

ISS Voice/SSTV: 145.800 MHz / Packet: 145.825 MHz
(ZARYA) Loading...

International Space Station Schedule from website amsat-on.be
Storm monitor:

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